Art Activity: Plaster Casting

Earlier this week, me and my classmate Emilia went to Seal Beach to do the plaster casting activity. Before reaching our final destination at the beach, we had to make a pit stop at home depot to get supplies. We grabbed a shovel, buckets, and plaster mix and headed on our way. Unfortunately by the time we got to Seal Beach, it was dark and very, very cold outside! We had some good luck and found sand with the perfect consistency pretty close to the sidewalk, so we didn’t have to get too close to the freezing water. We decided we would take the bucket of sand back to our dorm and mix the plaster there. we underestimated how heavy the sand would be and we could barely carry it. We were so thankful because it was just our luck that someone passing by was able to help us get it to our car.

We really went at night, bad idea.

once we got to our dorm we struggled to carry up the buckets as well as the melting ice cream we got from Coldstone’s. First we mixed the plaster and one box happened to be enough for both of us. Once the plaster was mixed we found it very hard to dig our hands down enough to make a perfect mold but we did the best we could. After that we poured the plaster and then hung out while waiting.

The Results

This is the result of my plaster cast. I believe the plaster failed to soak all the way down to the missing tips of my fingers since there were no broken or remaining hard pieces of plaster I could find in the sand. Although it wasn’t totally successful, I’d like to see it as a partial success since the fingers that did get molded came out fairly nice and shaped realistically.

Final Thoughts

I would definitely be interested in doing this again. I was surprised at how simple it actually was to prepare and make. In the future I would like to make more realistic molds of other things and really perfect the technique so I could get a full mold next time.