Art in my Life

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when stepping into Art 110. I must admit that I started taking this class due to the fact that I was an aspiring film major and was looking to fill a prerequisite, but it turned out to be much more than just that. The first week I was pretty confused since the visual arts aspect of the course was kind of vague, I wasn’t sure if we would be doing art projects in class, or learning about classic art pieces. I think the fact that a lot of the work for this class consisted of things to be done outside of class was helpful in the sense that it gave me an eye for spotting art outside of the classroom or obvious places such as an art gallery. I feel like because of this class I now notice art filling the world around me.

    The Artist Conversations we attended were super interesting and I loved getting to see new pieces and styles of art. I really enjoyed being able to talk to the artists and figure out their thought processes and stories leading up to their gallery displays. These conversations gave me a lot of hope when it comes to creativity since I never considered myself to have a story or idea worth telling, but this made me realize that any idea is worth being expressed. I feel like being able to see so many different forms of art has opened my eyes and allowed me to explore other avenues of art that I didn’t recognize before whether it was metal, cloth, spray paint and many more.

    The hands-on activities we did like the plaster casting, finger painting, drinking and drawing, as well as the mini sketching activities we did in class such as making the booklets and the midterm drawing. The plaster casting pushed me to engage with my classmates and merge art and nature into one, since we used sand from the beach. The finger painting allowed me to explore art in a carefree and relaxed way. The beauty of finger painting was that the messiness of using my hands put me back in the creative mindset of my younger days when I loved to draw and paint anything that came to my mind. The sketching we did in class and drinking & drawing was a bit challenging for me because then I’d feel pressured to create something good enough that I knew would be seen in the moment, so one area of my creativity that I’d like to work on is becoming less insecure about my skills in drawing. One of the most valuable instances I experienced in class was when I went in expecting a midterm and when I saw the short answer questions on the board I was nervous. By the end of Glenn’s speech I took the message that in life, we get what we take from it.

    As far as my future, I think art will play a big role in my life, especially since I’m a marketing major. I’m going to be working in advertising and finding ways to market a company, brand, or product, so I’m going to need to be artistic and creative. I’ll definitely be using the lessons I’ve taken from this class and apply them to my work in the future and I have the confidence that I’ll be able to make meaningful and visually aesthetic work. This class was also very helpful because I can use my takeaways and apply artistic thinking to market through video, photo and even audio since these are all different forms of art. In addition, I’m also excited to get artistic with my future home, I can’t wait to decorate it with art and let my creativity run with the design.

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