B3 – Artist Conversation: Soim Park

  • Artist: Soim Park
  • Exhibition: Welcome
  • Media: Clay, Glaze, Ceramics, Paint
  • Gallery: LBSU School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
  • Instagram: @soim_park90

Soim Park is an undergraduate working towards her Bachelors degree in Ceramics. She originally went to Cerritos College and transferred to Cal State Long Beach, she’s expected to graduate in spring of 2020. Soim has always loved art but her family’s influence caused her to originally pick a STEM major. She decided to follow her dream of exploring art and she chose ceramics. Ceramics was a random pick that just happened to become her passion. Her pieces are mostly glazed and this exhibition was inspired by her and her classmates desires to create larger pieces of art.

The Art

The art at this gallery was centered around ceramics. There were various textures of pots, vases, glazed pieces, and many others. Some were shiny, others had rope-like fibers attached to them, neon, spotted, coarse, carved, and broken pieces. One piece even had some flowers in it. Part of the gallery made me wonder if certain pieces had been moved or broken as a result of people walking through the gallery. The large vases were difficult to make because the bottom dries quickly and it can crack.

Art Content Analysis

The ideas explored within this pottery and ceramics exhibition reflect the concept that women of color walk on eggshells through everyday life. To get to the artist description you have to walk through the pieces of art and delicately navigate around large and small vases without tripping or breaking anything. It was very difficult to walk through and there were a couple times I was sure I was about to break something. I understand this because women of color feel like they go through many obstacles in everyday life in how they represent themselves. Soim also said that there’s no meaning behind the colors.

My Interpretation

I really felt the meaning behind this exhibit and they portrayed it well because the setup made it very uncomfortable to stand in. I could see how some of the vases were representing women with the flowers and soft colors, but a lot of the vases seemed pretty random. I’ve worked with clay before and it was really difficult to shape and make it smooth, I really appreciate their style and technique of art.

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