Art in my Life

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when stepping into Art 110. I must admit that I started taking this class due to the fact that I was an aspiring film major and was looking to fill a prerequisite, but it turned out to be much more than just that. The first week I was pretty confused since the visual arts aspect of the course was kind of vague, I wasn’t sure if we would be doing art projects in class, or learning about classic art pieces. I think the fact that a lot of the work for this class consisted of things to be done outside of class was helpful in the sense that it gave me an eye for spotting art outside of the classroom or obvious places such as an art gallery. I feel like because of this class I now notice art filling the world around me.

    The Artist Conversations we attended were super interesting and I loved getting to see new pieces and styles of art. I really enjoyed being able to talk to the artists and figure out their thought processes and stories leading up to their gallery displays. These conversations gave me a lot of hope when it comes to creativity since I never considered myself to have a story or idea worth telling, but this made me realize that any idea is worth being expressed. I feel like being able to see so many different forms of art has opened my eyes and allowed me to explore other avenues of art that I didn’t recognize before whether it was metal, cloth, spray paint and many more.

    The hands-on activities we did like the plaster casting, finger painting, drinking and drawing, as well as the mini sketching activities we did in class such as making the booklets and the midterm drawing. The plaster casting pushed me to engage with my classmates and merge art and nature into one, since we used sand from the beach. The finger painting allowed me to explore art in a carefree and relaxed way. The beauty of finger painting was that the messiness of using my hands put me back in the creative mindset of my younger days when I loved to draw and paint anything that came to my mind. The sketching we did in class and drinking & drawing was a bit challenging for me because then I’d feel pressured to create something good enough that I knew would be seen in the moment, so one area of my creativity that I’d like to work on is becoming less insecure about my skills in drawing. One of the most valuable instances I experienced in class was when I went in expecting a midterm and when I saw the short answer questions on the board I was nervous. By the end of Glenn’s speech I took the message that in life, we get what we take from it.

    As far as my future, I think art will play a big role in my life, especially since I’m a marketing major. I’m going to be working in advertising and finding ways to market a company, brand, or product, so I’m going to need to be artistic and creative. I’ll definitely be using the lessons I’ve taken from this class and apply them to my work in the future and I have the confidence that I’ll be able to make meaningful and visually aesthetic work. This class was also very helpful because I can use my takeaways and apply artistic thinking to market through video, photo and even audio since these are all different forms of art. In addition, I’m also excited to get artistic with my future home, I can’t wait to decorate it with art and let my creativity run with the design.

C1 – Extra Credit

  1. what did you think about the A-B-C format?

I thought it was really helpful because then I could tell exactly what we were supposed to do for each week and it would help me organize my posts. Also, if I was confused about anything it would help as a guide when I would check the website for more information about the project for that week.

2. What did you think of the 4 Messy Hands activities? (Plaster Casting, Sketching in the Garden, Graffiti Writing & Finger Painting

I thought the plaster casting activity was really fun and I made new friends while doing it as well. It was definitely a learning process but I’m happy with the results that I got. Although I wish I would’ve been able to make it to the class meet up at the beach.

3. What did you think of the 4 Life Design activities? (Design Thinking, ePortfolio, Environmental Portrait, vlog)

Unfortunately took too long and procrastinated on my life design thinking activities, but I did do the ePortfolio and I found it helpful since I want to go into the marketing world. This will be a useful tool for me in the future to display my work to other companies.

4. What did you think of the Student Choice & One More activities?

I don’t remember these activities.

5.What did you think of visiting the SOA Galleries, having Conversations with SOA Artists, and blogging about them?

I enjoyed going to the galleries the most. Talking with the artists was super interesting because once I found out where their creative ideas stemmed from, I could really see it in their work. The galleries exposed me to the most art because not only was I seeing it in person, I was interpreting and analyzing it as well as seeing how it impacted me.

6. What did you think of using the class website,, plus your own websites, instead of BeachBoard?

Sometimes it was difficult to navigate the website since it kind of differs from mobile to desktop. Aside from that I enjoyed it because it made BeachBoard super simple and easy so that I could just use it to check my grades. It turned out being a lot easier to utilize that I thought it would be.

7. What did you think of using WordPress for your blog?

WordPress was really user-friendly and simple to make a post. I would recommend continuing to use this in future classes.

8. What did you think of using Wix for your ePortfolio?

Wix was interesting. It was simple but complicated at the same time. Actually setting up your site was easy, but there were so many customizations and things to choose from that it made creating a site difficult.

9. What did you think of the guest speakers? (Internships, Study Abroad, etc)

I didn’t enjoy the guest speakers as much as I would have a regular day in class. The information they were giving us was interesting, but I have heard the same information given by guest speakers in other classes, so it was just a bit repetitive.

10. What did you think of the times in class when we took time to meet new classmates? How many Art110 peeps did you know before the class started? How many do you know now?

Personally, I found these times a bit awkward at the beginning, but after a while I didn’t feel uncomfortable asking to join a group. I knew a couple of people since I had classes with them last semester, and since art 110 I’ve met at least a handful of other people who live at Parkside with me.

11.What did you think about having a class with no tests? I don’t just mean “was it cool to not have to take any,” but students use tests to guide their study and participation in a class. Students tend to learn what’s on the test, and to not learn anything that isn’t. Did not having exams make it harder to focus or find importance and relevance in the class?

Not having exams made it harder to focus on one specific thing, while making it easier to focus on an overall picture. I liked the fact that it required putting effort into individual posts each week instead of studying repetitive topics for homework.

B7 – Art Activity: Drinking and Drawing

Robek’s & Sketch

At first I was a bit uncomfortable when I started trying to draw. I thought it would be a lot easier to draw a water bottle but once I started I found it more difficult. Eventually it got easier but it felt kind of hard to get each side to look symmetrical like the actual bottle. When I started trying to draw the trees I felt like I was struggling. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be because of all the details and angles of the branches and leaves. The blind contour drawing seems like it would be easy since you don’t need to look at the page to draw, and it was actually really fun. The portrait drawing is as good as I could get it, especially on a time crunch because I had taken so long trying to draw all the other items.

B3 – Art Experience – Finger Painting

Finger Painting

My experience finger painting was kind of messy and uncomfortable because I haven’t done it since I was a child. My inspiration was the wind, but I decided to use colors to give it some life. The colors represent people’s emotions as they walk throughout the world and how all the energies and feelings mix like they flow through the wind. I didn’t start out with all of that as my idea but I just went with it once I started. I would probably do this again if I’m stressed and have some extra time and paint on hand.

B3 – Artist Conversation: Soim Park

  • Artist: Soim Park
  • Exhibition: Welcome
  • Media: Clay, Glaze, Ceramics, Paint
  • Gallery: LBSU School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
  • Instagram: @soim_park90

Soim Park is an undergraduate working towards her Bachelors degree in Ceramics. She originally went to Cerritos College and transferred to Cal State Long Beach, she’s expected to graduate in spring of 2020. Soim has always loved art but her family’s influence caused her to originally pick a STEM major. She decided to follow her dream of exploring art and she chose ceramics. Ceramics was a random pick that just happened to become her passion. Her pieces are mostly glazed and this exhibition was inspired by her and her classmates desires to create larger pieces of art.

The Art

The art at this gallery was centered around ceramics. There were various textures of pots, vases, glazed pieces, and many others. Some were shiny, others had rope-like fibers attached to them, neon, spotted, coarse, carved, and broken pieces. One piece even had some flowers in it. Part of the gallery made me wonder if certain pieces had been moved or broken as a result of people walking through the gallery. The large vases were difficult to make because the bottom dries quickly and it can crack.

Art Content Analysis

The ideas explored within this pottery and ceramics exhibition reflect the concept that women of color walk on eggshells through everyday life. To get to the artist description you have to walk through the pieces of art and delicately navigate around large and small vases without tripping or breaking anything. It was very difficult to walk through and there were a couple times I was sure I was about to break something. I understand this because women of color feel like they go through many obstacles in everyday life in how they represent themselves. Soim also said that there’s no meaning behind the colors.

My Interpretation

I really felt the meaning behind this exhibit and they portrayed it well because the setup made it very uncomfortable to stand in. I could see how some of the vases were representing women with the flowers and soft colors, but a lot of the vases seemed pretty random. I’ve worked with clay before and it was really difficult to shape and make it smooth, I really appreciate their style and technique of art.